design process

Our Design Process

Starting with a design is always exciting. I love stones of all types and while looking at the stones I get inspired to see how the finished product will look. The color, size, shape of the varying stones tells me to either make this a contemporary piece, traditional piece, or trendy piece. I select other stones that will compliment the design even more.

After selecting stones which enhance each other, I put additional flair by adding accent pieces such as copper, sterling silver or pewter. Once this selection is completed, I figure out the length that will suit the size and shapes of the stones.

I always use 49strands of wire to make sure the design will have the strength for the size and weight of the stones. The next step is selecting the clasp for the securing of the piece. It to has to be the right one for the size and weight of the stones and over-all design. When I am knotting pearls with silk thread, the thread has to be the appropriate thickness for the size of the hole of the pearl . This is very crucial for the best knotting results.

After the stones, wire, complimentary stones, findings and clasp is selected, is when I start to assemble the necklace. The pattern can be whatever you want it to be. Placing the stones on a special board will help you see your choices easier. Now is when I assemble the necklace. Once assembly is completed, I use a clasp, and a crimp to finish the one side. The other side I use a crimp and an O ring to secure the end.

When the piece is complete, I use a split ring to attach a tag with my initials to show it is a signed piece. Then Wha-la my design is complete.