About the Stones



AMBER is one of my very special stones. I love to design a piece of jewelry using this beautiful stone. The origin dates back to the Neolithic times and has long been used in many healing agents in folk medicines, jewelry and perfumes.

The the colors are rich browns, yellows and oranges. Amber is a fossilized tree resin,  Prussia was considered the  leading source of Amber and 90% of the Amber is still from Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia.

Amber can be collected from the seafloor, oron the washed up beach areas.

There are five different classes of Amber. The classification is based on their chemical makeup

I just love the colors of Amber. The stone reminds me of autumn which is my favorite time of the year. The rich colors of yellows, browns and oranges makes my designing such a pleasure. Many times when I make my selection of Amber pieces I look for the extra added features that could be in side each piece.

Amber you can use with gold or silver accents. I use silver because of silver is more affordable. But If I had my choice I would put gold as my accent.

I have made numerous designs with two-tone pendants and a variety of Amber chips which comprised a fabulous finished product.   Amber collectors, for many reasons, whether it is for the colors, origin, or what’s inside the stone are fascinated and search for that extra special stone.



Amethyst is a quiet a rich and beautiful stone. The spiritual meaning is intelligence, healing and calming. I can see how the feeling of calm comes from, just looking at the stones makes you take a little breath.

Amethyst is considered as a semi-precious stone. And is also the birthstone for February.

Ancient Egyptians thought the Amethyst stone could prevent intoxication. The Amethyst stone is said to be a purple variety of Quartz.

I have worked with Amethyst and have designed pieces that I was very proud with the finished design. I love to put Pearls and Turquoise with Amethyst for many reasons, Amethyst is a sweetheart stone in its uniqueness and pairing this stone with pearls makes the designs even more specialized. Every time I start a design the stone truly does calm me down unknowing to me.

I get a great satisfaction out of working with the Amethyst stones. My 11 year old grand-daughter has been wearing Amethyst since she has been 4 years old, and that happens to be her birthstone as well. Amethyst is ageless to me. All ages seem to enjoy wearing the stone especially with all the special meanings of the stone.

I have made and have sold a huge volume of Amethyst designs, it never goes out of style. You can wear Amethyst dressy or casual depending on what stones are paired with it.

If the Amethyst stone is not your birthstone, don’t hesitate to wear or appreciate wearing it. The stone speaks for itself.

Enjoy the wonders of Amethyst.



Aquamarine is considered a gemstone. There are different depths of blues and can be found in the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming. In Colorado at Mt. Antero located in the Sawatch Range. In Wyoming, The Big Horn Mountains near Powder River Pass.

Living in Colorado, when we first moved here, I never realized one of my favorite stones are just a few hours away. Of course, hiking the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming you have to know the elements of land and weather plus the fact of the altitudes you would have to face. Maybe when I was younger I would have tried to find my own Aquamarine stones,

Aquamarine’s latin word is awua marina meaning “water of the sea”.

If Aquamarine is exposed to sunlite the stone could take on a white color.

I have admired Aquamarine for ever. I had seen a gorgeous wedding band comprised of brilliant deep blue Aquamarine and placed between diamonds. I have never forgotten that fabulous ring, that was at least 40years ago. Maybe some day I will own something so special.

There is no limit to what to wear Aquamarine with. To me, you can wear the stones with, black, browns, greens, purple, etc. You can dress it up or wear it very casually.

My Aquamarine stones are a pleasure to work with and what joy in seeing the finished design.

If you love Aquamarine as much as I do, just will go out and seek designs on my website.



This beautiful semi-precious stone has reddish-brown and also orange coloring.

Carnelian means encourages unity.

Carnelian has a similar stone called Sard. They have similar coloring except the Sard can be a deeper red and browns to almost black. Both the semi-precious stones are part of the Chacedony family. The stones can be found in Brazil, Germany, India and Siberia.

I love this semi-precious stone. I love the autumn colors and are fascinated with this particular stone. I have used this stone in crocheted necklaces and earring designs. Each and every stone is so unique. I have put Carnelian with Pearls, strung the stone on silk threading and each and every time I do, I am amazed at the end result.

I also mix Carnelian stones with Turquoise. The stones together and strung on brown silk thread which makes for a very special set.

I hope you enjoy Carnelian as much as I do.



Garnet is a gorgeous stone and usually is associated with a dark red color. But in reality,

There are variety of other colors such as: green, yellow and orange. I personally never came across the variations but will certainly look for them next time I am out searching for new stones and ideas.

The word meaning of Garnet actually went back to the 14th century and then was written gernet which means dark red.

There are a few states that have Garnet as their state mineral. They are Connecticut, New York and Idaho.

Garnet also is know to be the birthstone for January.

I never realized the different colors and different uses of garnet. My only contact with Garnet is in a designed piece of jewelry.

In the past, I used Garnet and integrated the stone with Amethyst, Turquoise, Pearls and Garnet and a touch of silver will add that special design pop. 

Next time you are looking at stones, just keep your eyes open to the different colors of Garnet. Enjoy its rich colors and uses.



Pearls are something to be hold. There are many types, colors, shapes and different processes of how they were found whether diving, dredging or cultivating the Pearls.

Some of the types are: freshwater Pearls , saltwater pearls, natural or wild. The many differences of the pearls is the process in which they are gotten.   The Natural or wild Pearls has no human intervention. The Other forms of Pearls are human enhanced. The Wild or Natural are very rare and very expensive.

Cultured Pearls are grown on farms while the saltwater Pearls are found in the sea. The freshwater Pearls are located in mussels found in freshwater rivers in hot climates. They also can be found in Scotland. Pearls in Scotland are protected by law.

Pearls’ value is determined by the shine, color, size, and cleanness from any flaws.

There are many shapes, sizes and colors of Pearls. There are round, flat and round, tear-drop, potatoe, pear shape and baroque.

I love when I see someone wearing Pearls. To me they are all so unique and very distinguishing. I work a lot with freshwater Pearls. Selecting the right shapes and sizes to go together is quite a job. But the end result is well worth the effort. My little grand-daughter has been wearing freshwater Pearls since she was 3. Pearls are ageless.

There are many imitations of most stones and Pearls are no exception. Select carefully and enjoy the elegance of Pearls.



What a gorgeous and interesting gemstone. The Tigers Eye is included into the quartz family. The Tigers Eye is a chatoyant gemstone.

The fascinating characteristics of the Tigers Eye is the blending of rich browns, creams, light browns and a touch of black.

You can locate Tiger’s Eye in Australia, Burma, South Africa, East Asia, India, United States, Brazil, Canada, Korea and Spain to name a few.

I have made necklace and earring sets of Tigers Eye and have yet to hang onto any of the designs. There are so many people that just love the whole look of Tiger’s Eye. In my designs I have used all sizes of round beads and on occasion barrel shaped beads. I have used the gemstone all by itself and other times I use the Tiger’s Eye as an accent. Seeing the end results you can not help to appreciate this particular stone.

Tiger’s Eye necklaces and earring sets can be worn with so many different styles of clothing. You can wear the set with a dressy outfit or as casual as jeans and a nice shirt.

Enjoy looking at the beautiful and fascinating gemstone and just wear a design and see all the attention you receive. I always do!



Turquoise is very much my favorite stone. I love the different shades of blues and greens.

Turquoise was said to be brought to Europe from Turkey, and also from the mines in Iran. Turquoise dates back to the 16th century. Turquoise most likely would be found in arid countries.

American Turquoise is quite often affected by the weather. The blue turquoise was a symbol of heaven and earth.

New Mexico has been labeled as having the oldest Turquoise mines before the 1920’s but sad to say a lot of the mines have been exhausted.

Arizona today is very active in quality Turquoise such as sleeping beauty turquoise Two well know mines are the Globe mine and the Kingman mine.

Nevada has approximately 120 mines today. The Turquoise found in the Nevada mines are known for the hardness and denseness which needs no enhancements or treatment for color.

Chinese Turquoise is very pleasing to look at and has been involved for over 3,000 years.

There are many forms of Turquoise which looks like Turquoise stones but could be made of magnetite or howlite that can be dyed and colored to represent a turquoise look.

I could go on for ever about Turquoise. Turquoise is, pleasing to the eyes, no matter the colors or the shapes and there are many forms that can please your eyes and your amount you would like to spend. A finished piece of jewelry made with Turquoise is a gorgeous pleasure to look at and wear. Wear Turquoise in health and appreciation of something beautiful.